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DIY Cozy for Freezer Bag Cooking: Gusseted, Stand-Up Bottom, Velcro, and Fashionable!

So, I am not a girl that needs to look very cute in the woods. Just camp out with me and you will see that I am anything but "put together" after a night or two in the wilderness. 

But there are a few items in my kit that are almost Objets d'Art, like my Zpacks Arc Blast Backpack and my kilt.  To the untrained eye, fellow hikers think "hey, that girl looks like she knows what she is doing..."

The Height of AT Fashion - NOT!

Now I have added yet another weapon to the backpack to beat trail doldrums.  And it has to do with food.  Who knew that some reflectix, duct tape, velcro, and 15 minutes can turn out so cooool.....

I am now the envy of all my trail food FBC friends

Check out my latest youtube video on how to make your own super fashionable freezer bag cozy and let me know what you think.  Please feel free to post pics of your own Pièce de Résistance in the comments!!  And don't forget to check out my Amazon Store for all your DIY needs!


  1. Love it. I am going backpacking with my husband, daughter and nephew in a couple of weeks. I wanted to use FBC, but was wondering how to hold the freezer bag, keep it warm, etc. I like your design best of all I have seen on the internet cause it stands up(!) and is fun! I am going to buy stuff to make four of them tomorrow.

  2. Hope you had fun making these, and they served you well!! Thanks for checking out my blog :-)