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Nannyberries, Viburnum lentago

The leaves are falling from the trees. Not a great time for foragers, but there are a few good finds this month.

On a recent walk in Tuckahoe State Park, I came across from nannyberries, I think this is Viburnum lentago, particularly due to the opposite leaves and bright reddish colored stems. Viburnums are scattered on the edge of the woods, displaying clusters of petite white flowers in the late spring.

The fruit is a dark purple to black, usually in little clusters. The fruit is a drupe, which means they have one seed surrounded by the soft fruit tissue. I find the seeds a little bitter, so I chew a handful of berries and spit out the seeds.

The taste is mildly raisin-like. Slightly sweet and with a not-unpleasant grainy texture, similar to dates.

Also fruiting is pokeweed, so be sure to identify any plant with 100% certainty.

Happy Trails!

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