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Calvatia cyathaformis, purple-spored puffball.mp4

Puffball mushrooms (Calvatia species) are great for the beginner mycophile (like me!)  They grow like crazy in yards and grassy areas in the Mid-Atlantic from September to late October. When you see one, snap it up quickly, as they grow large within days and spore just as quickly.  Please make sure to cut any puffball open to make sure a "baby" mushroom is not growing inside.  That is baaad!

Calvatia giganteus on the Appalachian Trail, Harper's Ferry, WV

On a hike last year, I found a huge white puffball on the side of the Appalachian Trail near Harper's Ferry, WV.  Here is my daughter holding the Calvatia giganteus.

Make sure you have 100% positive identification first!!

Happy hiking and eating!

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